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Pottery Classes Bristol

In addition to ceramics painting, we also offer pottery classes in Bristol. If you are a beginner, our workshop is the right place to start. Experience the joy of creating something new from scratch. Once your creation is complete, you own it. If you want, you can take it home with you.

Wheel Throwing

One Visit: We show you the ropes and teach you the basics. Then, we help you to make a bowl on the wheel which you glaze with the colour of your choice. This is followed by the firing of the bowl – 25 pounds

Two Visits: In the first visit, we show you how to use the wheel to make a bowl. After it is finished, we fire it. On your second visit, we teach you to decorate the bowl using coloured underglazes. Once you are done, we fire the bowl again – 40 pounds

Multi Clay Workshop

One Visit: The session will last for 90 minutes. Half of the sitting will be dedicated to crafting any item on the wheel. The other half of the time will be utilised to hand build an item using a method of your choice. Before firing, glaze paint both the items using any colour of your choice – 45 pounds

Two Visits: The first session is identical to the one visit package. In your second visit, you decorate the 2 items using coloured underglazes. Once you are finished, we fire the items again – 75 pounds

We use white earthenware clay which is very smooth, malleable and structural. If you avail the two visit package, on your second visit, you get the opportunity to work with fired biscuitware. Once your pottery hardens, you can illustrate, design or underglaze the same.

In our Pottery Studio in Bristol, if you choose the one visit package, your pottery will achieve a unique banding effect. This is because of the partial clay pigment before the clay is fired.

At the Multi Clay Workshop, you can learn the following hand building methods – coil building, pinch pots and slab building.

We serve biscuits and refreshing beverages at every one of our workshops. We encourage you to bring a friend along as this will undoubtedly be an addition to the fun and excitement.