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Kids Parties Bristol

We specialise in organising all kinds of kids’ parties in Bristol that include hen parties, baby showers and craft groups. We have an innovative approach to engaging children and keeping them occupied.

Bespoke pottery and painting parties in Bristol
We encourage the kids to exercise their creativity at our ceramics studio and build any clay item of their choice. One set of items that are particularly popular with our young guests are party pets. For 10 pounds, your children can make any one of our featured themes – unicorns, dinosaurs or pirates. Alternatively, they can let their imagination run wild and build any object that they want.
Once the finished creation what your child has made then we will wrap up the creation and then you will be able to come and collect it the same week later.

Organise the party at your own place
If you want to host your kids’ party at your own place, we can help you. We offer takeaway kits for children’s parties in Bristol that include disposable palettes, ceramics, brushes and paints. Each kit costs 20 pounds.

Slime parties
At Paintpotts, we encourage our young visitors to play with sludge and paint them anyway they want. They can choose from a wide range of colours such as Cherry Slush Red, Candyfloss Pink, Citrus Sherbert Orange, Jellybean Purple, Gingerbread Cookie Yellow, Bubblegum Blue and Mint Chocolate Green.
Each tub of slime per child costs 10 pounds.

Our parties are not expensive
Book our party room for one and a half hours for just 60 pounds. Our top floor can accommodate 35 guests and both our floors together can hold 60 guests. To book your party in advance, simply pay a security deposit of 30 pounds. You can book your party any day of the week at a time of your choosing. We will give you access to the party room 30 minutes before your booked time so that you can make any necessary preparations or decorations.

The bigger your party, the more benefits you enjoy –

• 10 or more guests – 10% off painted/slime items
• 20 or more guests – 20% off painted/slime items
• 30 or more guests – 30% off painted/slime items

Delicious treats and sumptuous food
We offer a cold buffet that costs 5 pounds per child and 7.50 pounds for an individual adult. Our kids’ buffet comprises of ham, chocolate biscuits, cheese, chopped fruits, jam sandwiches, crisps, cocktail sausages, cucumber and carrot sticks. Water and squash are complimentary.
For grown-ups, we serve cold meats, cream, cheeses, cookies, crusty bread, strawberries, quiche and salad.