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About Us

We are one of the most well-known children’s party organisers in Bristol.

By their very nature, toddlers have a very short attention span. Keeping them occupied is no big task. Fortunately, at Paintpotts, our team of seasoned handlers is uniquely skilled at engaging children for long periods of time. We use bright colours, different shapes and sizes, ceramics painting, various kinds of toys and different kinds of delicious treats to entertain the kids.

Besides making sure that your kids are having fun and enjoying themselves, we also aim to fire off their imagination and encourage them to explore their artistic side. At most conventional children’s parties, you will find clowns or other kinds of entertainers who tell jokes or play games to pass time. Instead of going the traditional route, we organise children’s parties in Bristol where they satisfy themselves in pottery and ceramic painting in Bristol. In addition to having loads of fun, a week later they get to take their pottery painting in Bristol along with them.

In addition to different ways of keeping the children interested and excited, we also offer playpens, slides, books and teddy bears. Just in case your toddler misses his or her familiar past-times!

When your children get hungry, we have superb sandwiches, toasties, milkshakes, hot chocolate, cookies and cakes waiting for them.

So, what are you waiting for? To throw an awesome party for your toddler, get in touch with us today.